Ibu Pertiwi

SHORT WEB SERIES for Cinema XXI, Tokopedia, Gojek & Traveloka
Release: 2019

A Short web series celebrating the beauty of diversity, IBU PERTIWI is directed by Sim F and produced by Buddybuddy Pictures. Lucky serves as the series scriptwriter.



UPCOMING FEATURE / WEB FILM for Visinema Pictures
Release: 2019

A romantic comedy starring Jessica Mila and Rio Dewanto. Bridezilla is written by Lucky Kuswandi & Fai Tirtha, and produced by Visinema Pictures.



Release: 2018

Created by Nia Dinata & Sally Anom Sari, HALUSTIK is an original content series produced by the streaming platform VIU INDONESIA, starring Tara Basro, Lutesha, Richard Kyle and Natalius Chendana. Lucky Kuswandi is one of the directors of the 13-part series.

Dua Titik

Release: 2018

Part of the #StoriesbyGrab campaign, this heartwarming short film is written and directed by Lucky Kuswandi, starring Laura Theux.


Gue Decide: The Stories

Release: August - September 2017

Lucky Kuswandi is the Creative Director for this 5 web short films featuring inspiring public figures and their decisive moment.  The series is produced by SLATE INDONESIA, incollaboration with KAPAN LAGI NETWORK & NEWLAND


Release: August - October 2017

Created by Nia Dinata & Lucky Kuswandi, SWITCH is the first original content series produced by streaming platform VIU INDONESIA. It is a romantic comedy about  two friends (Karina Salim & Tatyana Akman) whose lives are turned upside down when one night their souls are switched. Lucky Kuswandi is the co-creator and co-writer for the 13-part series.

Ini Kisah Tiga Dara

A Feature Film
Directed by Nia Dinata
Written by Nia Dinata & Lucky Kuswandi
Release Date: September 2016

Lucky Kuswandi is the co-screenwriter for this lovely musical directed by Nia Dinata. The film tells the story of three sisters with very different personalities and their views on love. 

Official Selection - Tokyo International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection - Singapore International Film Festival 2016

The Getaway

A Short Web Film
Directed by Lucky Kuswandi
Produced by SLATE Indonesia

Actor Nicholas Saputra finds his solace during his travels. Sumba Timur has always been one of the places that is closest to his heart. THE GETAWAY is about the majesty and the intimacy of nature and how its beauty recharges the creative journey of an actor. 


A Web Series

CONQ is the first Indonesian web series that gives a colorful, well-rounded and insightful portrayal of the LGBT lives in Indonesia. The series touch  upon issues such as bullying, discrimination, health issues, and HIV. But it is told in a very light, fun and comedic approach. The series ran on youtube from March 2014 to August 2015. 

The Moment of Truth

A Web Short Film for CLOSE-UP Indonesia
Starring Gamaliel Tapiheru & Dindakanya Dewi
Written by Fathan Todjon
Directed by Lucky Kuswandi

A teenage rom-com about two opposites whose profession goes head-to-head. But what about their hearts?